Training Distribution is the first partner of training room and numerous competitions.


If you are a box or a training room, know that we support the owners in the development of their shop part. We offer professional discounts for your purchases on the site, for the equipment of the box or for the equipment of your coaches. If you want to open a store and make stock available to your customers, we help you build the optimal stock to satisfy the majority of your customers. You can offer them many items such as skipping ropes, oven mitts, knee pads or belts. You will offer them the best brands available PICSIL, XOOM PROJET, VERY BAD WOD, REHBAND ... If you do not want or if you do not have time to take care of the shop part, we offer you a discount code on which you are paid each month and which will delight your members who can equip themselves at a lower cost.


If you are organizing an event, think of us! We travel everywhere with our stands and all our brands. If we are available on the date of your event, we can travel to present our very complete catalog to your athletes. Sometimes our schedule is busy, however we may be able to help you by participating in prizes.


In any case, if you wish to become a partner, you can reach Cédric on 0635130202 or by email on

5% de réduction !