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CHERKY offers snacks made from dried beef and pork, raised and slaughtered in Spain in the respect of animal welfare, Cherky products are prepared without additives or chemical substances, are easily transported and stored.

The Cherky range of products consists of snacks made from beef or Iberian pork (a black pig known for its delicious meat). The latter contain only natural products used to decorate, spice up and raise meat from animals raised and slaughtered in Spain, while respecting the animal's condition.

Cherky's team understands that not only does battery aging and slaughtering produce meat that is of lower taste quality, but also of lower nutritional quality, in addition to being a real ecological disaster, in addition to unnecessary animal suffering.

At Cherky we can find snacks made from dried meat but also great classics of charcuterie (like Chorizo) revisited to display an excellent nutritional value.

Cherky products are packaged in small portions, easy to transport and consume, even during a hike for example. Each product contains between 30 and 50% of animal protein of excellent quality.


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